Rosie California

Pro-Choice VS Supreme Court

I do not believe abortion should be illegal.

Dear Future President,

Illegalizing abortion is a bigger issue than just what you believe or do not believe. Women need the right to an abortion, please let us women choose what goes on in our bodies. Women and teenage girls should have the decision on what they want to do with their bodies. The Supreme Court should have no say in what decision is made by the woman for her body no matter what the case is. In most cases, the only reason why women get abortions is because if they did bring a child into this world they would not be able to give them what they deserve, they could not afford it . Or even that having a child would interfere with their aspirations in life or even education. With abortion, comes many ways to end the pregnancy there is no one standard way to end a pregnancy. It is not ripping the baby out of the womb. The earlier you decide you want to terminate the more options you have . There are pills and different types of surgery. With these surgeries come healing time, these procedures are safe as long as a doctor does it.

I believe women deserve the right to choose if they want an abortion. Imagine the issues and traumatic stress brought to rape victims that get pregnant with the assailant’s child. It’s not fair to force someone to have a child they do not want. 32,101 pregnancies are a result of being raped.

As of today ten states in the United States are currently trying to illegalize abortion forcing women into an awkward position. Possibly even pushing women to do their own abortions like what had happened in previous years when abortion was illegal. Women have performed their own abortions and most ended in death of the woman who was pregnant. Why push a woman to do something so drastic when it should just be her right? With time we should be progressing in women’s rights, not regressing. With this being said, I hope you can keep abortion legal in all states. Women deserve the right to say yes or no to an abortion.



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