Tyler H. California

High School Needs to Be Fixed

High school needs to prepare students for the real world, not just college.

Dear President,

The education system for high school is not where it should be right now. Where the school standards are now, students are only required to take basic math and English classes. Although these basic classes may prepare the students for more difficult classes in the future, they do not prepare them for real life scenarios. Taking classes that prepare students for more advanced classes that are needed for the harder career paths, should just be an option for the students who want to take that course. There are many students who do not plan on going to college or take difficult classes, but just want to “get through” high school without learning anything.

Only 65.9 percent of students that graduate high school actually attended a college. That means 34.1 percent of the kids graduating high school are left trying to live their life without knowing most of the skills needed to live a life in America. They may graduate knowing how to graph a parabola or solve for x, but what happens when they are required to pay their taxes for the year? Or when they have to pay their utility bills? These students are left trying to figure it out on their own, or going to someone for help. There are some standard classes that help in the everyday scenarios such as learning how to send emails to their boss or knowing how to register and vote. These classes actually prepare students for life.

As a senior in high school, I do not feel prepared enough to go into the real world. If I were to live on my own, I wouldn't feel comfortable paying my bills. In fact, I wouldn’t even know where to start. If I were to learn how to do these tasks in high school, I would feel more equipped to enter the real world without a college education.

I believe that in all American high schools, there should be certain standards replaced with the things students may need to know after graduation, whether they plan on attending college or not. Taking away some of the standards needed in the math and science department and adding in some things about money and living conditions would be most beneficial. The development of technology in America is increasing incredibly quickly, and because of this, there should be certain classes that students have to take in order to learn how to use the technology that seems to be appearing in our everyday lifestyle more and more.


Tyler H.

Santa Clara High School

Flowers ERWC Period 5

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