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Our Carbon Footprint

The not so surprising truth of the threat of Global Climate Change.

Dear Future President,

Climate change is an increasingly devastating issue affecting all sides of the globe. Climate change scientists and climate data suggests that the ozone layer is depleting. Due to the rise in carbon emissions after development of an industrialized way of living. CO₂, a byproduct of burning fossil fuels continues to contribute to our depleting ozone layer. Climate change as of this year is at an all time high, since 1980 there has been a definite globally increasing trend. Although the anomalies and fluctuations are small (on average less than a 1/10 of a degree increase per year) climate change is a collection of data across the planet displaying an average trend of change. To say that, the temperature has only risen by a few degrees over the past 100 years, doesn’t refute the numerous sources of evidence in favor of climate change. 97% of all climatologists agree that the increasing average global temperature trend is a result of human industrialization.

Gradually, we will see more results of climate change including an increase in natural disasters severity and temperature spikes. The last 10 years have seen record breaking temperature trends around the globe, legislation must be passed and efforts need to be made.Our planet is the most fundamental of requirements for our survival. Continuing on the path we are on now will imminently lead to unlivable conditions, affecting the Middle East before all else. The extreme heat will cause mass refugee crises around the globe. The shoreline will rise swallowing cities on the coast and displace millions of people. The issue of climate change is played down in the media and on top of that half of the country refuses to acknowledge that climate change is a legitimate topic.

My concern stems from the immensely disproportionate discretionary budget whose allocation of funds does not make sense. Our United States government spends 3% of their yearly allotted budget on Energy and Environmental studies. Our government’s spending should be allocated to coincide with how imminent of a threat the issue is. When our military is larger than the next 10 largest militaries  throughout the world we have an issue. On top of that, half of the next 10 largest militaries are our allies. 596 billion dollars, half of the discretionary budget, is allocated to an absurdly disproportionate military and areas in Washington lack clean water. It was also very disturbing to not hear a single question about climate change throughout all 3 presidential debates. Clearly, if clean drinking water isn't available to our citizens then are our priorities where they should be?

When we look at CO₂ emissions, we see a consistent trend from 6 million years ago until the last 200 years. As a result of the industrial revolution and the technological revolution in the 20th century, CO₂ emissions have risen. As a result, it caused a depletion of our ozone layer. The ozone is a protective layer of gases shielding the fragile surface of Earth against harmful radiation from deep space. A greater amount of radiation from the sun is allowed to enter the atmosphere through the holes in the gaseous layer surrounding our planet. It isn't a conspiracy, the government isn’t trying to trick you, the science speaks for itself. Furthermore, I was left perplexed after the GOP nominee as of 2016 stated that, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese”. How can an individual be so intellectually dishonest? I find it difficult to hold a position unless what I’m standing for can be factually demonstrated.

There is only so much that can be done at one time by a single individual. However, you hold immense power and can install change on a national scale. I propose that the United States government should increase spending on Energy/Environmental studies by at least 500%, nearly 15% of the yearly budget. As well as a mandatory solar panel use as a homeowner, if one cannot afford the solar there will be government programs to provide and make up the difference. Overall, the threat of climate change is an issue we cannot ignore any longer and the sooner we begin to take precautionary measures the better.


Kurt Johnson

Lewis S. Mills High School

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