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Letter to President

My letter is about the controversy of Gun control in today's society and my thoughts on how we should handle it.

Dear President

I am a student at Greenwich High school, and I am concerned about the situation of gun control in today’s society. I am a teenager about to vote and it concerns me that gun violence is still a major problem in America. Gun violence is taking too many lives in America. Guns should be regulated, and America should leave the possession of guns to the authority. By taking guns out of people’s hands, the privilege of gun possession is not abused, and guns do not end up in the hands of the wrong people. There are many other ways to assure protection to the American citizens. Liberal gun laws and the Second Amendment right to own a gun has made America a very dangerous society to live in. Gun violence is affecting the African American population and the people in lower classes of society. People shouldn’t be allowed to carry guns because they can get into the wrong hands or accidents could happen and cause a tragedy.

I believe that guns should on be put into the hands of people that work in high authority. If we are allowed to own guns people shouldn’t be able to walk around the streets with it in their pocket. The website,, says that “Research has found that gun homicides and suicides decline when access to guns is restricted. Strict gun control laws would reduce the supply of guns to criminals and should be enacted. Moreover, the gun industry must start to take responsibility for its products' contribution to society's problems.” Statistics show that gun regulation would lead to a decrease in gun violence in America. Gun laws protect children and families. After the Sandy Hook shooting guns have created a public health crisis. Statistics show that eight children die from gun violence everyday. Background checks will keep guns out of the wrong hands. “Background checks to prevent criminals, domestic abusers, and seriously mentally ill people from buying guns. The group says laws requiring background checks have prevented the purchase of guns by nearly 2 million people who should not have had them.” Background checks are an important part to the gun debate because it is a big problem for gun control. Gun violence is taking too many lives in America the government needs to step in and regulate guns so massacres don’t keep happening. Gun violence takes too many lives in America there needs to be rules and regulations when it comes to gun control.

Greenwich High School

English Lit and Comp 3

Eng Lit and Comp 3

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