Reese M. Maine

Healthcare to All Americans

As a 13 year old male, the Affordable Care Act is important in our lives and my future, if we don't keep it, we may not be able to pay for ourselves.

To the 45th President of the United States of America,

I would like to talk about one specific topic and that is health care. I don’t want my family to go from the middle class to poor just because our health care cost is too much. Health care needs to be affordable for all American people because it covers 16 million people. I think that if you're rich, you should have health care, if you're in the middle class, you should have healthcare, if you're poor you should have health care. Everyone needs to be able to afford food, clothing, housing and health care. If you're poor these things are hard to pay for, and nobody should suffer from an injury and go bankrupt. Too many people would eventually live on the streets.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is extremely important in our lives. The reason why it’s important is coverage until age 26 on your parents insurance prevents a catastrophe from happening while you're in college. A former way that was unsuccessful was at age 21 you might no longer have any health insurance if you didn’t immediately get a job during college. Many college students were without health insurance. Pre-existing conditions need to remain covered when transferring to a job or losing a job.

I can tell you from experience one of my family members has dealt with cancer. A huge amount is covered by insurance and I know it would have cost my family a fortune. I would lose my house, all vehicles, and many of our possessions. Having adequate coverage provides for important and successful treatment to save a life. Our insurance has provided for preventative care, like being able to go to the dentist, mammograms, routine health control, prostate and colon screenings. Insurance covering routine health needs has sustained my family as productive and contributing citizens. As a young citizen who will be very important in the country’s future, I urge you to improve our healthcare system and keep it affordable for all Americans.