Stefan P. Illinois

Immigration between United States of America and bordering countries

The United States of America needs to secure its border with Mexico and Canada in order for our country to be more protected.

Dear future president,

Imagine how the United States would end up looking like right now, if there was no barrier to keep out people who do not belong in our country. They would come to the country illegally with no proof of them even existing in our country, potentially harming our country. The United States of America should secure its border more with the bordering countries Mexico and Canada.

The large issue with our borders today is that they do not detect illegal people that pose a threat to our country and bring harm through the border. We can use more developing technology to help prevent this. According to The Center for Immigration Studies, “we need more efficient and cost-effective measures that identify those who seek to do us harm and keep them out or apprehend them.” By using more technology to secure our borders through detection, this will help with not wasting money on increasing staff.

Another large issue with our borders today is that they’re not efficient when it comes to checking people’s identity. The problem with not having all the paperwork is that you are not registered and permitted. The biometric system we use is in great use right now for people coming in our border, but not for exiting the country. According to ‘The Hill’ “Since an estimated 40-50 percent of unlawfully present foreign citizens (or 4.5-6 million) entered the United States legally and failed to leave the country when required, it is clear that operating on good faith is not the best way to ensure the integrity of our immigration system.” We are allowing people in and expecting them to respect their time here.

The one last issue I would like to address is the illegal trade that is happening at the border. Drugs are one of the main trades over the country’s borders and there is a lot of it traded. According to Immigration to the United States, “Scholars have estimated that profits from international drug trafficking were nearing $10 trillion dollars annually by the twenty-first century. The United States is meanwhile the most lucrative market for international drug traffickers, with tons of illegal drugs smuggled into the country every day.” Drugs make a lot of money in the U.S. because our country’s population is buying it. It is continuing every day and we need to stop it.

Our borders need to strengthen up in order to keep our country safe and secure. We need to tighten up our security with the two bordering countries Mexico and Canada. If done, we can run our immigration more smoothly.


Stefan Pavlovic

Gurrie Middle School

McGovern Period 5/6

Ms. McGovern's Period 5/6 ELA Class

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