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you know what we should do with immigrants ...

we all know that immigrants aren't aliens, immigrants die trying to cross the border to give for their families a better future but immigrants end up dying when crossing the border because of lack of food and water, also being killed by the person that cross them or border patrol.

                                         You know what we should do with immigrants...

November 2, 2016

Dear President,

               As a future voter we should have got better candidates for 2016. I'm trying to be honest and definitely did not like this years candidates we could have done better, but I still want to talk about important things that matter. Many Mexican immigrants cross the border to come get a better life in the United States. Some immigrants try to cross the border and end up dying or being killed by the coyote/border patrol or even dying by being left behind and also for lack of food and water. Immigrants just want to get safe to the other side and work to make their family better. We could prevent the immigrants deaths by letting them come to the United States legally without no problems. The Mexican government could let the immigrants come over to the U.S with a visa, but only to stay in one state to work. As the the immigrants do good in the state they are in, they can expand to get the green card and be able to travel to other states. Basically immigrants would not have to cross the border no more and won't have to go through the hot desert. With that opportunity the bad people like the drug cartels would be easy to get caught  because the immigrants would not be going through the border no more. The deaths of immigrants would decrease by so much.

              Mexican immigrants come to the United States to work not to steal and rape. Immigrants just come to live a better life than what they were living in Mexico. They do not come to the U.S to hurt people. Definitely no one can judge them because they have not been through the same experience. All immigrants want is to know that there is really a lady liberty. Not all immigrants are bad and they do not come to take over. Immigrants should not be called aliens they are people like everyone else. Aliens, as people call them should be treated with more respect , if the people that called immigrants aliens were in the same situation they would say the same thing I do they would not like to be called aliens. According to an infographic that cites a continued humanitarian crisis at the border by Daniel E. Martinez  " in 2011 there was 181 deaths of immigrants, the year that had more deaths  was 2010 and it had 225 Mexican immigrant deaths." Many immigrants die in one year to get over to the United States. Mexican immigrants do so much to make their families better and definitely go through so much pain to get wherever they want, to accomplish their goals for better living. I appreciate the time you are taking to read my letter. I would feel so much better if my words get considered, I speak for all immigrants we want better lives and no more deaths.



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