Gabrielle S. California

Change for youths

In 2012, 71 percent of students graduating from four year colleges were in debt. That's 1.3 million students in debt, and a 2 million increase since 2008. Where is the change that can lower the number of students in debt?

 Dear future Mr. or Madam President,

The age gap between you and me is enormous. As a result, we are both bound by time to have opposing views. It is for this reason that I would like to give you the insight of just one mind of a worried high school student, and hopefully soon to be college graduate.

There was a time, when the American dream was obtainable, when families of five could own glorious, four bedroom Victorian homes and be able to live comfortable, happy lives. I do not mean to mislead you into thinking that I am not happy, but it is a struggle, worrying about which colleges I can go to because I can’t afford the ones that may give me a better education. I am a middle child of five, and there are two younger siblings to go that still need a source of income to pay for college. The financial debt of college looms over me like a storm cloud, and greatly influences which I will choose. I would like to go to a UC straight away, but my parents and older siblings tell me to stay near home and go to a community college. I will probably go to a nearby community college, De Anza, then transfer to a UC. I am thinking about going to San Jose State University because it is nearby, but I wish my education choices weren’t so limited.

I am just asking for a change. Improvements cannot be made without change. Change comes from trial and error, and if nothing changes, how can we improve? I simply want improvement, and that has to come from change.

Sincerely, One of many youths of America

"I see my future, either as a educated American dragged back four years by money I didn't have then, or at a McDonalds down the street. What can you do to make the difference?"