Mandesa A. Florida

Student Debt

As a senior is high school college tuition has been a continuos table topic between my parents and I. Imagine spending twelve years in school and being told theres not enough money to pay for your dream school. That leaves me with questions like: should college be free?, and how much should people really be paying for tuition?

Dear Future President,

Although there are a plethora of issues that currently need to be solved, college tuition seems to be the elephant in the room. Education is extremely crucial and yet for many, it is also a burden. The issue I am addressing here is that, college is progressively becoming more and more expensive for students in the U.S. I believe the cost of higher education should be looked over due to the fact that millions of students across the nation are struggling with college tuition and debt.

College debt has become very common amongst higher education students of the United States, statics say there is about 43.3 million people who borrowed money for college. Students that desire a higher education should not have to go into extreme debt just to receive the education they desire. Based on the U.S. News a person that has graduated with a B.A. takes around twenty one years to pay off their debt. Should someone with a higher education really be faced with the burden of debt during a partial time of their life? In my opinion I think this is why many people steer away from getting a higher education; they are afraid of the reality of being in debt and having to pay back large amounts of loans.

As the president you must address this issue so that there is a change to such costly college tuition. One idea that may assist in lowering the cost of college tuition could be lowering the salary of the professors lecturing at the college. Also based on an article I read, it states that different classes at a college often could be why college tuition is so high. Although it is important to make sure professors have money to make a living and that there is a variety of classes this should seriously be taken into consideration.

I strongly believe that everyone should have an opportunity to get a higher education and be successful without having the burden of debt and student loans. I am hoping this issue can be overlooked, and I am looking forward to your reply.

Thank you for considering this issue.


Mandesa A