Maddy M. Missouri

Should there be free higher education?

I hope to focus on free education.

November 2, 2016

Dear President,

  I am from Kansas City, Missouri. For the last month my class has been preparing on writing letters to the president.

      A lot of families can't afford college because it's expensive. Some students don't have the same right to be whatever they want to be or some students don't even try in school because they know they can't afford college. We can make college free. If we make college free every student will be “endowed to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Students who don't have the money will have the same right as the students who do have the money to pay for it. College is too expensive and college should be free because students will have a lot of loan debts then students will have to be working to pay their college and that may distract them from school. Or some students maybe don't want to apply for a scholarship because they think they won't get it because it's like a competition. We don't have the right…things. The right supplies to get a scholarship.Yet we say that the USA provides free education to all. With this thinking, college should be free because its education. Education is something every student should have without having to pay for it. Education is a necessity. My friend Aisha's family did not have enough money to pay for Aisha's college. Aisha was willing to start working and her mom wanted to help her so she started working overtime to pay for her college. She would always get very discouraged in school because of work she’d be very tired all the time and she wouldn't get much time to sleep she had some struggles and had to work hard to graduate from college. Although it was hard Aisha still graduated from college. Basically what i'm saying is that students have to work hard to pay for their college and loan debts because college is too expensive should not happen it should be free because college is a necessity. They do have to work for everything because college is a necessity but college is something that should be free for students.

      Education is not something anyone can get. If education was free people would be able to fulfill their dreams. Education is a necessity. More than ⅓ of people say college isn't worth the cost. Many people think higher education isn't for them because the cost of college is very expensive. But when it comes to their children they want their kids to go to college. In a public in-state college in 2014-2015 the fees and tuition are about $8,709, In a public out of state college is around $19,867 and in a private college it's about $31,381. College fees and tuition's have increased since then.Tuition rates are increasing everywhere. In some states tuition rates are higher than in other states.

     Thank you for taking your time on reading this letter. As you can see I'm very passionate about free education I know that education is an important thing in your presidential campaign. I hope you think education should be free and can do something about this. I also hope you take my letter into consideration.



Frontier STEM High School


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