Tony California


This year, terrorism has been a major issue in this country and I think that we should do a better job at stopping attacks. We need to think of a better strategy to stopping these attacks that will affect us all.

Dear President,

Back in the day we used to be in peace but now we've had many tragedies due to the recent attacks that have been happening. i believe that we should be more aware of what is happening around us in case any more attacks keeps on coming. The attacks can become more devastating since 9/11 and that we should look out for other people and our self.

Terrorism is a violent threat to our country and we need to do a better job at stopping it.We need to think of a strategy in order to prevent these attacks from happening to us. I hope that a new law will come in order to  stop whatever is going to happen to us. I say that would should make guns more expensive and make it harder for people to buy them. I hope that the world will come to peace and that we would haven't to deal with any more attacks again.We also need more military action to combat the attack that would threaten us.