Makiya E. Kentucky

Gun control

Gun control and violence is becoming a big problem in the United States of America. read this essay to find out why and how to help.

Dear future president,

     We are facing a big issue with gun violence in America. Over the last thirty years, more than seventy mass shootings have happened in the United States. I personally have never had to deal with gun violence and I don't know anyone who has directly. But I do know it has damaged many peoples lives. This is not good! Please take care of this issue. America needs your help!

      I would like to ask for you to please keep the law that states that anyone wanting to have a gun should have a background check. Also if they have any sort of criminal records please do not let them purchase a gun. I think it would be best for you to keep the law that states that if someone buys a gun illegally then the person that sold it to them and the person that bought it should be arrested. Please help this issue and keep our citizens safe!

   I don't want this country to ban guns! People should use them to protect themselves, not to hurt others. The government banned guns in China. I know that if we ban guns here, all of the good people(who follow the law)wont have guns but all of the bad people will find out ways to get them by stealing or other secretive ways. Plus it is the second amendment in the constitution states that people should be allowed to bear arms. So that is why in my opinion why I don't think our country should ban guns.

   I think that you should also make sure that no one who is mentally ill should be allowed to purchase a gun for any reason. There are many reason why i say this. One of them is that they don't understand how dangerous guns can be. In my research I found that these are normally the people who are serial killers. There have been many shootings in schools. This is hurting a lot of families. Maybe we can help these people by making sure that there are available doctors or therapists at all times for their mental health.

     I hope that you understand why i think that everyone should have a background check before purchasing a gun. And why no one who is mentally ill or has any sort of criminal records should be able to purchase a gun. I hope things get better in the United States of America when you are president. Please take this letter in consideration.


Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

Pacesetters Block 2 Social Studies

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