Selvana Massachusetts

School systems must change!

School systems in the U.S. must change!! Teens across the U.S. are experiencing high levels of stress and it's negatively impacting their lives. You want to make America great again? Then you need to do something about this horrible school system that is affecting our students!

Dear Next President,

 Students should not be spending over 2 hours each night on homework! And then they're expected to also do extra activities! Let's remember people, there's only 24 hours in a day. Students spend 6 hours at school, then 2-3 hours practicing for sports, then 3-5 hours on homework. Yet teachers yell at students for coming to school tired and sleeping late! Can you blame us! What are we supposed to do! Students are not benefiting from this. The students are too stressed to with all the other subjects and sports that they're too distracted to actually show interest in something and learn it. The students are the future! 

This learning system needs to change! Then students are expected to pay $60,000 (if they want to go to a good college) a year for college. WHAT! But of course students can't afford that because instead of getting a job in high school, students were too distracted with grades and sports. When are we going to give these students their lives back? When are students going to stop being defined by grades and numbers! Let's focus on a way everyone can learn and benefit from! This will lead to an accelerating future! We are the future!

Thank you for reading my letter,

Selvana Abdelmesih

Nipmuc High School

F Group WEX II


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