Naomi Massachusetts

Police Brutality towards Black Men

Dear President...

Dear President,

I am a student at Community of Health and Science in Boston.  I am writing to you hoping that you will help solve the problem many black communities across the country are facing which, is many black men being killed by police officers, almost every single day.

Did you know police killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015, nearly twice a week? There have been many reports about police brutality against African Americans but not all cases received the attention they deserved.  John Crawford the 3rd was killed in a Walmart in Beaver Creek, Ohio on August 5. Levar Jones had survived being shot, by a South California state trooper on September 4. Tamir Rice a 12 years old was killed in a Clever land park on November 23.

I feel like our country is keeping many things they deem not important that's why many people like me think we are being left out of things that our government is hiding and just not listening  to us.  In my eyes African American Lives are just as significant just like any other race out there.  To help solve this problem I think police should stop trying to kill black people on sight and just arrest them if they really did something wrong in a peaceful matter if possible.

Also police need to have programs where they can find a better way to handle these situations.  Because the peoples' lives they are taking have families that are waiting for them at home, wondering where they are just to find out their loved one was killed by police men who are supposedly there to protect  the people but instead are killing people.

I hope you are able to read this letter and help put a stop to this because no one should feel that  because of what they look like and  their skin color that they might end up being killed.



                                                                                                                                          Naomi Scarlett