Aaron A. Washington

Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees should be admitted to the United States and protected from the reach of ISIS.

Dear Mr/Madam President,

People in Syria need our help and they need it now. ISIS terrorizes and dismantles thousands of people everyday by bombing their community and even using them as human shields! They are without shelter, they are without their humanity, and more importantly, they are without each other.

According to the United Nations, an estimated 6.1 million people are internally displaced and 22 million are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. They have two choices; they can either stay in their homes and risk being killed (or die of malnutrition) or they can seek haven in other countries. So if we don’t let them in our country, they’ll have a lower risk of survival. This is exactly why we need to start admitting people into our spacious and safe country.

In addition, the Mercy Corps organization states that “the youngest are confused and scared by their experiences, lacking the sense of safety and home they need. The older children are forced to grow up too fast, finding work and taking care of their family in desperate circumstances.” Many children have already lost their humanity because of the war in Syria. Children are forced to become a man/woman at such an early age to support their family. We need to take care of them and prolong their (what I believe is the best part of human’s life) childhood.

Based on a report from the Syrian Center for Policy Research, it is said that at least 470,000 Syrians had died as a result of the war. Hundreds of thousands of families are torn apart. Children lose their parents and are forced to become their own man/woman. Loving parents lose their children due to unexpected bombings, war casualties, and airstrikes. People already have lost so much. Too much if you ask me or anybody in the world. We need to show Southern hospitality and become a big brother to them by taking them into our country.

I, myself, am an immigrant. During my stay in the Philippines, news of robbery, drugs, shootings, corruption, and terrorism appears often. I would hear of a new maleficent event each and every day. We weren’t safe. So my mom persevered to petition our family to live in the United States and through hard work, she did. Even at times when police shootings and terrorism are at large, the United States is still much safer than living in the Philippines. The point I am trying to prove is that Syrian refugees would be much safer in the U.S. instead of staying behind in their homeland where there is a lower risk of survival.

The values of an American is to help anybody in need whether they’re old, young, black, white, catholic, or muslim. Syria is asking for help and we need to take action. We need to support Syrians because they have lost their homes, humanity, and lives. Save them.

Concerned American,


Foster High School

Nohl's 2nd period Civics

22nd period class

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