sarah g. Missouri

Escape the war zone

Syria is threat to the United States.

Dear Future President,

There are many things things we could do about Syria and their threats towards us. Syrians refugees matter because they are fleeing to America so they won’t be bombed or hurt, they are not allowed to express how they feel and their freedom of religion. Syrians want to express how they feel.This could be an issue because some Syrian refugees will come to the United States and get information about our army and go back to Syria with our information or they will attack one of our monuments. They also associate with members of the American army and get them to turn against us. To me, this is very important, we can fix this by making it harder to get into the United States by requiring people entering to have a passport for every state.

Our government could be more involved by making things more secure in the United States. For example, “Syria is suffering its most devestating drought on record. They have a bad government” according to Bill Canny. Syrians are starting rebel groups and kidnapping Americans to be on their side , Maybe because their government doesn’t take better care of Syria. They don’t have laws to go by like the United states government does. They don’t have a lot of people on their side. The United States could make it harder for Syria to invade us and not let it go when they do harm our people. One way would be to invade them and put an end to their attacks.