Catherine K. California

Student Sleep Deprivation

Schools need to allow students more sleep.

Dear Next President,

Schools should not rob students of their sleep. The start time of many schools is early in the morning when most students are still asleep and not able to fully retain the information they are being taught. Students are also being deprived of their necessary sleep, many getting less than 5 hours of sleep per night due to an excess of homework. On top of this, many students have extracurriculars such as participating in sports and playing an instrument which delves into the minimal amount of time a student has to just complete their homework, let alone study.

I propose that schools start promptly at 9:00 AM as opposed to 7:30 AM. School would then end around 4:00 PM. I have talked to my peers and many have agreed that they would much rather attend school later in the day and stay later than attend school earlier. As for the problem of sleep deprivation, I propose that the amount of homework given is lessened and that all teachers provide a detailed homework plan weekly so that students can plan their week in advance. This will help students manage their time for that week and allow students to achieve the maximum amount of sleep possible. Save the students of our nation, one more hour of sleep at a time.


Catherine Klicek