Gun Control in America Wisconsin

Gun Control

I believe more gun restrictions should be enacted such as background checks because people have been dying from gun related issues more than ever in recent years, and this issue needs to be fixed.

One reason more gun control laws should be passed is that it will actually help reduce gun related deaths. Studies done in America, Switzerland, and Finland reveal that background checks on a person when they purchase a gun decreases gun deaths by over 60 percent. Switzerland and Finland have implemented these gun laws, and their death toll is drastically different from ours. In Switzerland, because of gun laws and background checks used by the government, there were only 277 gun related deaths in 2009. In Finland, there were only 195 gun related deaths in the same year. Now we get to America. In 2013, the U.S. had 29,984 gun related deaths because we don't have those gun laws. In fact, most other big, wealthy countries have been found to have lower homicide and suicide rates the U.S. because they have restrictions on guns. Background checks and tighter gun laws are essential to bring down death tolls in the U.S. and save innocent lives.

One other issue on guns is that people don't understand that the second amendment doesn't allow unlimited access to guns. Many people I've heard say that gun rights are protected under the second amendment but they are quite wrong. In fact, a case in the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of appeals ruled, 7-4, that the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not allow the general public to carry concealed firearms in public. Actually, the second amendment was meant for militias of that time. This issue is quite widespread and I think it needs to be addressed to gun rights supporters. I can see how this could mislead people and if they recognize the second amendment as it truly is, that would be a considerable step towards a safer, healthier country.

A final reason gun laws should be enacted is the people of the U.S. are ready for it. According to polls taken in the time of the recent election, 91% of Americans support background checks when purchasing a gun, and 82% think that we should have improved mental health programs for youth. Today, 72% of voters say that gun control is a very important issue for them in the coming election, and 75% percent of Donald Trump supporters say background checks should be required when purchasing a gun as well as 90% of Hillary Clinton supporters. People from both sides, Republican and Democrat agree that we should have stricter gun laws. If that's not cooperation, I don't know what is.

In conclusion, more gun laws should be enacted throughout the United States because we are ready for them, and it has been proven that the laws will decrease the amount of deaths each year caused by gun related incidents. If stricter gun laws are implemented it would not only reduce violent crimes, but it would reduce suicide deaths as well. Overall, gun control is part of the plan we need to create a safer and healthier country.