Jameson California

Racial Inequality

" No matter your social status or how powerful you feel you are, we are all equal. We came here by birth and will leave in death."

Dear Future President , I am writing to you to address the issue of racial inequality and how it’s still a problem today in the U.S. Half of people of color are being treated unfairly in the U.S . I urge you to fix this problem by making a law saying everybody should be treated fairly no matter what color of skin the have.” This issue needs your attention because everybody should be treated the same, and nobody should be treated different just because of their skin color.

Racial Inequality to people of color is a problem in the U.S and it needs to be stopped . "Americans are also now more likely to perceive that blacks are treated unfairly in various situations, including dealing with the police, but also at work, when shopping and when visiting restaurants and other establishments," This evidence shows that blacks are being treated unfairly . “Blacks were treated less fairly in dealings with police, such as traffic incidents, compared to 37 percent in 2007.”According to this, black people often don’t get their way,even when they should

We need to figure out solutions to solve this issue. One thing that we can do is make a law saying that everybody will be treated equally no matter what race they are” Also, maybe you, the future president can monitor the policemen and make sure they aren’t treating anybody unfairly because of their skin color or race. We could also monitor stores and jobs and make sure they aren’t treating people poorly We need to be treated with kindness and love no matter what race they are.

We all say we are going to do something for this issue but we don’t. It’s time to take a stand now! People should never be treated badly or unfairly. How do you think people feel when they are judged for their skin color? Please find solutions and hopefully you could take one of mine. It’s time to make a change and it’s time to do it now.

Sincerely ,

Jameson Christine Anderson Sanchez

Bernal Intermediate

Mrs. Fresh's Freshest Class

We are the leaders of tomorrow and we care. We have astonishing points of view on society and the challenges we need to deal with. We are one of few 8th grade classes who are writing, talking and standing up for our cause whether it be discrimination or corruption we have no fear, we will stand!. We are very passionate about our issues even though we can't vote. We still have a voice and want to be heard!

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