Taylor Oregon

Letter to Next President

Abortion should never be the option. There are other options such as adoption.

Dear Future President,

Most of us can agree that murder is a very wrong thing, which means that most of us can agree that abortion is wrong. Considering that you can abort a child up to 20 weeks, that is murder. At 20 weeks, the baby is about the length of a small banana; it has skin, and the baby's eyebrows and eyelids are fully developed. Many people may argue that it is a woman's right to choose, but it is also a human's life to choose if they want to live or not. It is unfair and unjust that a woman can decide if a human being can be killed or not. Abortion does no human any good, and no matter the circumstance the family or woman is in, death should never be the answer to fix the problems that a human has created.

Now that the cost of birthing a child and taking care of one has gone up, many women choose abortion because they cannot afford to have the baby, but they do not consider other options. Is the way a woman lives her everyday life much more valuable than a child's life ending? Women choose to abort to end an unwanted pregnancy, inability to support or care for the child, a pregnancy resulting from rape, or physical and mental conditions that may endagner the woman if the pregnancy is continued as said by Web MD. Many do not think about the other alternatives that are present when having a baby, such as adoption. That option allows the child to live, and the woman may continue with her busy lifestyle without having to pursue being a mother.

Some women choose to abort their child because they don't want to carry a baby for nine months or ruin their “body” that they have. Time is always something to think about. Is killing your baby equivalent to the nine months and that nice body that you want? There is a huge difference between nine months and a baby's life.

Abortion is not only killing the baby, but it is putting the mother in harms way, too. Abortion poses significant health risks to women. Many very serious health complications have come with aborting a child such as pelvic infection, blood clots, heavy bleeding, uncomplete abortion, cut or torn cervix, or troubles having another child in the future as said by Louisiana Department of Health. Abortion has never and will continue to never solve anything for anyone. There are many safer and smarter alternatives that are offered to women all over, rather than killing the unborn child that is growing inside of them.

Abortion may seem like the best option, but a abortion is still ending a persons life. They have the right to live just as much as the rest of us. Thank you for taking your time to read my letter and I hope that you do take this in to serious consideration.