Taylor M. California


We need to add certain rules to accommodate pro life and pro abortion sides.

Dear Future President,

My name is Taylor Mackey, and I live in San Jose, California. I am writing you because America is going pretty down hill and I believe we need to find the simple solutions to our problems. When you are president, I hope that you will help Americans by considering both sides to things and choose what will help the majority. In my experience, it is important to compensate so that way both all sides are a little bit happy.

Abortion is an important issue in America because many teens and adults need it but people argue that it is considered murder. I believe abortion is good if people use it appropriately because if people use it as a regular form of birth control, then it can be considered a form of mass murder. It should only be used in cases with young teens, poor families with low income or rape victims. According to the pro life side of the debate, it can be said that after a certain point, the baby is developed enough to be considered a alive and that there should be stricter date at which you can no longer get an abortion. Since 2002, legal abortion rates have gone down a considerable amount. This could be because more women are actually choosing to have a baby, this could mean rape rates have gone down. Another possibility is that the illegal and unsafe abortion rates have gone up or possibly people are just realizing that abortion is not supposed to be a form of birth control and should be the last resort. These conclusions demonstrates that we need to not only look at the possibly causes but fix or continue with what the cause is. . Based on research the CDC claims that many states do not have very many abortion centers and this is causing women to have to perform unsafe and illegal abortions. This draws attention to the fact that having an abortion is safer than not having one because women could very seriously hurt themselves if abortion clinics are not available .

In conclusion, abortion should be easier to reach but have stricter rules as to why and when you have them. When you are president, I hope that you will support laws that help the safety of men, women and children. I also hope that you will treat everyone equally as the Declaration of Independence states. This way we can make America great again.


Taylor Mackey