Olivia and Kendall Washington


Air, Land, and Water pollution are huge issues that the future president needs to address

Kendall H & Olivia O

Olympia, WA

XX November 7, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

Pollution is one of the biggest world issues, that we think needs immediate resolving. We live currently in a world surrounded by filth, disease, and unfiltered air. Pollution is such a big issue, and we think it is quite underrated. Not only humans are affected, animals are also affected by it. The trash someone left carelessly on the beach? It floated into the ocean. Didn’t think it was such a big deal? Well, pollution causes dents in ozone layer. Basically creating holes in our atmosphere from air pollution. Companies pour oil into the ocean killing thousands of sea creatures, we don’t think about the small things like leaving trash in a public place, or the waste product of large companies leaking smoke into the air. The trash can create bacteria that causes the spread of disease, and smoke from large companies can cause things like lung cancer or heart disease. These are some of the dangers of air, water, and land pollutions.

The big issue is that people are still treating pollution something of unimportance, when in reality it is not. Sometimes we think, with all of the other issues, what makes pollution so special. I honestly think that's what we really struggle with, treating pollution with awareness that it needs to actually get solve. It's like we think too little about this planet, about the rainforests, the animals, even the air we breathe.

We are still living in a nation that struggles still with air pollutions. Our world doesn't understand the position we are living in we aren't doing anything about the pollution all around us. Places like Fresno-Madera, CA and Bakersfield, CA, places like these have a thick amount of smog above and are not doing anything about it. As the president I think you should address this as a big issue.

A world without pollution, would really be a better place for humans and animals alike. Just think of sometime in the future where you could go to a park and absolutely no trash was on the ground or driving past a company without the stench of mechanical gas, or a day where you didn’t hear about some oil spill, or death rates increasing from the spread of disease due to the pollution of the area. Really would be great world wouldn’t it. The sad truth is that the way things are currently, its only gonna get worse without any action

We recommend that companies reduce the amount of emission in the atmosphere, this will be just the start of ending pollution. Another solution is making a plant that takes in Co2 and letting out oxygen this will make the air cleaner and safer. These ideas will help solve the problem of pollution one step at a time, making the air more safe to breathe in instead of chemicals which can harm you in the long run.

Life would improve tremendously. It really would. I want a future for my someday children and grandchildren to grow up not seeing pollution as one of of the world’s leading issues. But that can only happen if we do something now. Not tomorrow, not the next day but right now. We can solve this if we put effort and care into it. Think about all the good that would come from the solution of no pollution. Air would be cleaner, Water would be more clear, and land would be actually natural in a sense considering there was not trash there before.

The first thing I’d advise you to do, is to negotiate with big companies, like oil companies, who produce large quantities of oil which causes issues, like mass amounts of CO2 into the air. This is an issue because it makes the levels of CO2 uneven in the atmosphere increasing the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and other scary affects. That's only how to solve some of air pollution, there is still land and water pollution to solve. We need to strengthen our laws and penalties on littering because, littering is of the more underrated laws in a sense considering how we address it. This would make the world a better environment and increase the safety in America’s population.


Olivia O & Kendall H

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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 2

8th Graders

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