amber r. Wisconsin


Dear future president, Abortion is just like committing a crime and should become illegal.

 It's taking away a child's life that he/she could be very successful in. A baby is considered as a gift from god and using abortion is going against the creator of our world.  According to,  it may lead to unwanted memories for the mother such as the feeling of depression, stress and/or guilt afterwards.

Your irresponsibility doesn't mean you have to end an innocent child's life.  According to, they say that some woman who have their first abortion think that it is okay to do what they are doing and keep having abortions.  On the other hand, most woman that want an abortion in the beginning turn out loving and caring for the child as all mothers should. 

 Abortion is just an insult to most woman.  Anyone who says a woman is too young or that she can’t handle going to school and having a child, or working and having a child is telling her that she isn’t good enough, smart enough, or strong enough.  According to, abortion is very dangerous for a woman's health, and can be linked with breast cancer.  

 There are many other options than abortion such as adoption.  Aren't you happy of the life you are living? The life that god gifted to you?  

Sincerely, Amber R