Elleana K. Washington

Police Brutality

Police Brutality can be signified in many different ways. The most common form of police brutality is physical force. Even though policeman have the power and authority, things can be taken out of hand quite easily.

Dear Mr and Ms. President,

Can you imagine suddenly losing a close family member because a cop couldn't fairly handle a situation? Well, I would like to talk about an issue that has been ongoing that is affecting many people and families. Police brutality is gradually becoming a bigger issue due to force that is well beyond what is necessary to handle a situation. There are many individuals who aren't alert about this issue. I think that the more people that become aware of this problem, the sooner it can stop.  I think that a stricter gun policy and more focus on this from others and the president could be very contributive towards putting an end to Police Brutality.

Police Brutality is a very controversial issue. Some say police have the right to protect themselves at all times and that offenders deserve the way they are treated because they don’t obey the officers and resist arrest. People also think that the officer’s best interest isn’t always at heart and that people don’t think of the policeman’s family. While others think that police often get away with abusing their powers because of their authorization. In reality I think it’s been shown in many videos that police get carried away with their ways of defense even when they have not been provoked by others. I think that once a guiltless person’s life is taken it’s time for things to be taken under consideration in hope of a change.

Police brutality is one of several forms of police delinquency, which include: false arrest; intimidation; racial profiling; political repression; surveillance abuse; sexual abuse; and police corruption. Amount of force on people increase/decrease as the crime rates go up and decline. Social media has played a big part in the recent focus on Police Brutality. In an article on CNN it says, "The headlines make it feel as if the country is experiencing an unprecedented wave of police violence, but experts say that isn't the case. We're just seeing more mainstream media coverage, and for a variety of reasons" (McLaughlin)  Although it’s being focused on more, it is still happening so I don’t think people" are taking action to help the issue. As president, you have a strong authority which I think could be very helpful to this dispute. 

Police are expected to keep the public safe and secure so they can legally use both physical and deadly force during some situations. Although, officers can still use more force than needed. In an article, it says “In a number of closely watched cases involving the deaths of young black men, police have been acquitted, generating uproar and concerns about equal justice for all”  ("Excessive or reasonable force") With police brutality comes racial profiling which has been demonstrated in many videos. I think that racial profiling is a big factor of Police Brutality. An example of this is the death of Michael Brown. As stated in news reports he was an unarmed African American with no intention of hurting anyone. The police shot and killed him which resulted in a big riot in Ferguson.

I think that if the next president had a stricter gun policy we could avoid a lot of situations similar to the Michael Brown case. I think that owning a gun as a way of protection is understandable.Although, it has been continuously proven that people don't know the right time to use a gun. Police do have a stressful job, where they’re often put under pressure when provoked by others, but there is still a time and a place for gun defense. Some people may disagree that we need gun control, yet without it, people will have the capability to abuse their powers and take more innocent lives.

In conclusion, Police Brutality will carry forward until more people see that it is an issue. People should feel protected in their community and should not fear those who are supposed to keep us safe. I think that with the help of the president and other people this problem can be put to an end. This has become a serious matter that is only going to progress killing more individuals. Education, along with community cooperation, is key to uphold change.  


Elleana K.

West Seattle High School

3rd Period LA9H

Hopkins Honors Intro to Literature & Composition

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