Dylan D. Washington

Police Brutality

My name is Dylan I'm at West Seattle High and I want to talk about Police Brutality.

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

I would like to talk about a very important issue in our world and that is police brutality.

Police have been doing this for a really long time now and it is not okay. They have been killing and hurting innocent people because of their race. Police intend on hurting or potentially killing people because they look at you crooked or they don't like how you look.

A lot of people walking around minding their own business they get accused of something that they weren't going to do because they are a different race then you. Police usually attend on looking at Latinos and blacks because police usually think that white people aren't criminal like. But if a white cop sees a Latino or black walking towards a store or somewhere the cops will think they are going to rob the place even though they aren't going to.

So if a white cop were to go to a black or a Latino house for disturbance or something not that bad they will hold a gun to that person and tell them not to move and if that person were to grab something out of there pocket that cop will most likely pull the trigger on that person and hurt them.In article written by the Baltimore Sun, they tell the reader, “Baltimore police too often stopped, frisked and arrested residents without legal justification, and such activities fell disproportionately on black residents” (Baltimore Sun).

In conclusion police need to be controlled and they need to stop looking at different races in a negative way because not all races are evil there are those few people here and there that are actually bad people. So Mr or Mrs president please help with this issue it is very important.


Dylan Dunkin