Quinn S. Washington

Donald Trump's Plan for the Military

Donald Trump plans to build up our military by increasing the size of each branch and investing in new and more advanced technology. Is this the best us of our money considering we already spend more on our military than the next seven countries combined?

Dear Mr. Trump,

How much money will this cost to build up our military? We already spend nearly $600 Billion on our military which is just an unfathomable amount. If you do plan on spending more money, where do you plan on getting this money from? We are already stacking on debt each year; how much can we take? I believe that we should re-allocate this money elsewhere; such as our education which we only spend about $180 Billion and that is still causing millions of young adults to rack up thousands of dollars in debt from college before they even get their first job.

Why do we need to increase the size of our military when we already have one of the largest and most equipped military in the country? I feel that it would be a better to increase the special training of our troops and use our money on our Education plan and social welfare here at home. Hopefully you will consider these topics if you are to become president this November.


Quinn Steffens