Andy C. Georgia

Drug Trafficking

Drug Trafficking needs to be enforced more and needs to come to a stop!

Dear Future President,

Drug trafficking is an issue that should be concerned about a lot more. Drug trafficking needs a lot more enforcement because it causes many bad effects to the people and countries. First of all it causes many deaths annually from the use of drugs, violence over drugs, and even authorities that try to stop it. In addition, it creates millions to billions of illegal money for the drug traffickers. Even it’s a problem internationally because of false imports of drugs are all over and the false imports should come to a stop. That’s why I think drug trafficking should be a problem you should be concerned about, Future President.

To begin with, drug trafficking causes many deaths annually about 25,000 die from this crime. First of all, the usage of these trafficked drugs is a part of the deaths. Additionally, violence over the illegal drugs is another part. However, this could be stopped and this many people won’t die from trafficked drugs if this was enforced a lot more than it is right now. Even authorities such as DEA agents, police, and other enforcement groups get killed from trying to make a stop to drug trafficking also even innocent people die. Now as you can see many people die and can be prevented to stop this many people from dying but the decision is yours.

People who are drug traffickers get to live a life of wealth and luxury because of the millions of billions of dollars they don’t deserve just form selling drugs to people. That money could go to better use for the countries that are involved with drug trafficking. For example, that money could help a country’s debt or provide money for the military or even pay for other important expenses. If production of the illegal drugs stopped illegal money would be stopped and people won’t get money from just selling drugs and living a life of fortune. In addition, with all that money drug traffickers tend to bribe to get their way which that causes more problems in trying to stop the drug traffickers. That is why illegal money needs to come to a stop and not give free wealth to people who sell drugs for a living.

Lastly, false imports of illegal drugs are major part to drug trafficking business. This is because drugs can be stored in any type of container or anything, so this leads to where sometimes a business will end up with drugs because it was a false import of their product with drugs in it. However, it does hurt the drug traffickers because they will lose money and product. Sometimes if the drugs are stored in a business marked container people will believe its normal and the drug traffickers win. Even some drug traffickers will fake a business to cover up that they sell illegal drugs and people actually believe it. Therefore, imports of illegal drugs should be searched for more because it could hurt a drug empire and stop legal businesses ending up with drugs and getting their product.

In conclusion, drug trafficking is an issue that I hope you resolve and enforce more because what it causes. To recap, it causes deaths annually from many things in drug trafficking. Additionally, gives wealth to people who sell drugs that don’t deserve the wealth. Then last it causes false imports of goods just to get the drugs to the consumers. Now I gave my reasoning about drug trafficking so I hope you as the Future President consider my issue and do something about it.