Asia M. Georgia

This country is one big mixing pot of cultures and races

Not all undocumented immigrants should be deported

Dear Next President,

Many people, like me, have family that don't originate from the US. This country is one big mixing pot of cultures and races. Now there is a new problem the whole country faces, and that is the conversation of undocumented immigrants. I believe that not all undocumented immigrants should be deported, since they are very beneficial to our country.

These undocumented immigrants really do a lot for the country. They often do jobs that no one else wants to do just to get a few bucks. Many take warehouse, farm work, or very dangerous jobs. By taking those jobs they help the economy. Without them the economy will go down, and many companies that hired them will have less product made. It would be a lose lose situation for both sides of the problem.

Also many take the us as sanctuary. A Lot of undocumented immigrants are often escaping troubling and harsh things happening in their mother countries. If you send them back many would have to face things they shouldn't have to. Most of these immigrants come here just so that they can live another day. In some countries these are very bad times. America was made from foreigners, so why don't we let people come here now for the same reason the English came here in the first place? All they want is little freedom.

As a solution you should give these immigrants a chance. There should be some way that if they meet the requirements to allow them to be us citizens. You could help start them off on the right foot to become good Americans. That simple action can allow thousands and thousands of future generations of Americans to happen. We shouldn't be seeing them as a burden but as a benefit. After all, America is the land of opportunity.

Sincerely, Asia M