Isabel G. Illinois

Global Warming and Problems it has Caused

Global warming is a huge problem, everywhere, on our Earth. It has hurt many people already, and many more to come, if we don't do something about it.

Dear Future President,

We, the people of the USA, have abused our power on this planet. We, or, most people, have decided that this planet isn't important. But it is important. Our lives depend on this planet. Its oxygen, food, and water is what we live on.

I am guessing that you get plenty of letters on other issues, but why work on those when nothing else will matter if we don't have an earth to live on. We will be almost completely underwater soon. We, as in most cities, and even states. There will be many poor people on the streets. The housing prices will increase and the number of houses available will decrease. The population is also increasing, which may double the problem with housing.

Many things are showing us that global warming is a big threat. Some big storms are caused by global warming. Hurricanes are one example, such as Hurricane Matthew which recently went through Haiti and killed 877 people. All of these storms have been hurting people a lot, and some of them are caused by global warming.

I care about this because I care about animals and I care about this country. I also care about the environment. And, global warming is not helping the environment. Global warming is the enemy of our needs, and we can't let it hurt the environment any more than it already has.

As you probably know, President Obama created the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The CPP says that states have to lower their carbon emissions. Now, you may not like President Obama, but that plan will help the environment and slowed down global warming. Sadly, the CPP didn't stop global warming. Maybe, as president, you could change that. You could further enact this plan, and stop global warming.

If we don't work on this soon, we may have no time to later. You are a leader of this country, so your duty is to protect it. Please consider my idea, and if you agree with this, please work on it. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

From,                                                                                                                                                                              Isabel Gonzalez