Valentina M. Illinois


Did you know that The US citizenship process can take less than a year or several years

Dear Future President,

Did you know that The US citizenship process can take less than a year or several years. This means that some people have to wait a really long time to get US citizenship. Also in 2014, 17.5 million children ages 18 and younger lived with at least one immigrant parent. They accounted for 25 percent of the 69.9 million children under age 18 in the United States. This means that more than 50% of people in the U.S weren’t naturally born U.S citizens. In this argument, what i’m trying to say is that it should be a faster and more efficient legalization process for immigrants..

First of all, people who weren’t born in the U.S or are U.S natural born citizens have to get their U.S Citizenship, but it takes a long time to get citizenship.According to American Immigration Center,, it takes about how long it takes to get a citizenship and what the process is. In that article it says it takes about a year or several years to get a U.S citizenship. This means that people have to be patient and wait for their citizenship and results. There’s a really long process to get a legal citizenship and it takes a while to get it. I would like that to change by making the process go a little faster. A Forbes investigator found that a computer programmer from India must wait, On average 35 years. They shouldn’t be waiting this long to get their paperwork, they shouldn’t even wait more than this.

Secondly, according to migration Policy Institute it says there are more than 50% of people who live in the U.S who aren’t citizens and 47% of American citizens, but that was in 2014, now in 2016 there are 61 million immigrants but out of that 61 million, 10 million people are illegal immigrants. This is a lot of people, but these 10 million people aren’t coming to the US to do any harm to us, they just want to have a better life in the US, but if they are illegal immigrants they have to wait and to get their citizenship, These 10 million illegal immigrants, which some of those 10 million people are documented. Those people who are documented come to the US to help and also because they want to get money and they want a job and they would want to live a steady lifestyle instead of living in a poor neighborhood in Europe,India, or Mexican, Etc…. They shouldn’t get treated like trash if they don’t deserve it.

Lastly, Immigrants are beneficial to America. They are a big part in America, instead of waiting more than 35 years or less, Immigrants should get their paperwork without unnecessary waiting time and the legalization process should be more efficient. Immigrants are beneficent to America because according to INC it states first of all they are bold because It takes a great deal of courage to leave your country and come to the United States. Yes, it is the land of opportunity, but the price you pay is leaving your family, your friends and everything familiar to you. At the same time, people do not come here to fail. They are driven to succeed and many have little, if anything, to return to in their native countries. By nature, they are risk-takers and their life experience, spirit of adventure, and out-of-the-box thinking add to the country, rather than take from it. This is taken from an article by Rohit Arora. It does take a lot of courage to leave your family, if you do go alone and when you do get to America you have to wait to get your paperwork before going back to your family. Immigrants also make new jobs Immigrants work at both ends of the economic spectrum. Many of them work at low skill jobs in the food and hospitality industries and according to the Fiscal Times, a quarter of them have not graduated high school. This is pretty upsetting that 25% of immigrants didn’t graduate from high school, but they still made a difference. Most of them don’t have jobs and people think that immigrants are terrible people and need to get sent back where they came from, that’s really messed up because mostly all immigrants come to America to have a better lifestyle or to get a better job or just to get away from the bad environment they used to be living in.

In conclusion, Immigrants help America a lot, the legislation process should go a little faster instead of waiting 35 years or more for paper. They make up 15% of the population. They shouldn’t be treated like garbage because they are beneficial to America and they contribute to our thriving economy and taxpayers don’t need to worry about paying a lot of money. America should say yes to make a faster and efficient legalization process for immigrants.


Valentina M.