Akwasi Q. Illinois

How to reduce gun Violence

Gun violence are problem in America today we need make laws to solve this problem.

Dear, Future President                                                                                   September 21, 2016

America is facing a big issues with Isis trying to spread hate through this country with terror attacks. They have many ways of doings this, they use killing to spread their hateful religion. One of the ways Isis and many other who kill and disrupt people’s peaceful lives is with guns. The guns people own can protect or kill someone. But this really a problem if just last year 12,942 people died from suicide, homicide, unintentional shooting, and murder. This is a real problem we need to take guns away from unstable people. But another problem is how do we know when someone’s unstable?

I have Idea that could make the streets safer, how about we put GPS tracker in each every gun bought from legal businesses even though people will get mad if the government is watching their every move with the gun they have. It would be for their own safety I personally feel like his could help america. In addition if the GPS tracker is taken out you know the person up to criminal things and you can alert the police in the area. Then we’ll be prepared, especially if they try to take a gun in a gun free zone.

On the topic of guns being allowed at places like schools I think it’s good idea. Only if you give them to the most trustworthy school officials like a principal, vice principal, and trusted teacher who doesn’t get angry easily. We need good people who will not use these guns for evil to protect people. Either you give a gun to trustworthy school official or you let a school have personal police officer with a firearm. To ensure students safety.

However I disagree with some of you on the fact that no more gun laws should be enacted. This because I’m angry that there are people in southside chicago who walk down the street every day wondering if today’s the day they die. But know it’s not just there people wonder if they’ll die. It’s everywhere in the usa. Now people wonder when they go to the movies if they are going to be the next victim, of an Isis attack. I think we to find and destroy any outposts were these bad people are getting these guns from. I don’t know if this stuff is happening behind the scenes but I think we need crackdown on illegal gun sales. There is also way to stop all the death and murder in chicago by fighting the gangs and weapon dealer supporting the violence in this great city.

All things considered guns are good or bad depending on a person. If the person wants to protect or if the person wants to kill . A person can bring sorrow or despair with a gun, or bring happiness and joy by saving a life. But as the same as everything in this country of America it’s Your choice.

Sincerely, Akwasi Quarcoo

Bernotas Middle School

Strebel's Kids

Block Two

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