Evan W. Illinois


This is a paper on how I think Welfare should be changed.

Dear Future President,

I am a 12 year old who lives in Chicago, Illinois. Both of my parents have government jobs so I find myself often surrounded by political talk between both of my parents. Because of this, I like to think that I am pretty informed about the government. And one of the many things that is a big problem is how many people have jobs and how many people don't have jobs.

Considering Jobs in general have been a big problem in the U.S for a long time and just making more open slots for jobs won't work. The U.S. has got to think of something different. Trying to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result isn't going to work. Because so many hard working tax paying Americans have a problem with welfare maybe we can rethink the idea and do something different with that part of the tax that can make everyone happy and can work.

Welfare began in the 1930s after the great depression. Welfare consists of health care, cash aid, child care assistance, and housing assistance. Welfare is given out to family's who earn below the poverty line or don't have a source of income at all.

My idea is to get rid of welfare all together and use it for something different. We could use the money that currently goes into welfare and provide it to a charity. This “charity” would supply many citizens with basic skill sets to get a job. It could also show then how to work once they get a job. Basic skills would be how to sell an item, how to work with others and other basic needed skills in a work place. Over time these skill sets could change based on what the U.S. needed for more workers. If the U.S. needed more construction workers. That would be what was mainly trained like how to be safe and how to use items that would be used in the work place.