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Police Brutality

The police are here to protect us not kill us.

Dear Mr. President,

Although, I’m only 15 and live in a weird society that I don’t know much about. You’re probably already overwhelmed with everything a president has to do, but all I ask is for you to hear me out and take what I’m saying into consideration. This top is something special to being though I grew up around my grandmother telling me the importance of our famous black contributors, such as Martian Luther King Jr. or Harriet Tubman.

This all started in the year of 2013. I was laying in my bed on my iPad scrolling down my newsfeed and I see all these hashtag black lives matter (#blacklivesmatter/#BLM) and a picture of a boy with a hoodie on , a bag of skittles and a Arizona Tea. So that next morning, my parents are watching the news and I hear something about “ A young black male last night has been shot and killed due to walking through a Caucasian neighborhood because he wasn’t from that neighborhood he was thought of as a threat,” said the news reporter. They said that Mr. George Zimmerman will be put on trial. Then, one day, my mom tells me “Guess what another young black male has been shot and killed by the police.” This took place in 2014, Michael Brown was shot and killed by Darren Wilson, 28 year old white Ferguson police officer.

So you can say that this all started from a small organization that represents the fact of police brutality and that they are taking a stand saying that police brutality should and shall be stopped before it is too late. So many families have lost their loved ones due to police brutality, there has been 790 people — many of whom were unarmed, mentally ill, and people of color for a year that isn’t even over yet that is a lot. Just imagine you coming home from a long day of work and the state knocking on your door to tell you your son or daughter has been killed due to a mistake of being scared or unaware of what’s going on. Some people will say that the police were scared or endanger, but there are many other ways to have warned the people they have killed (Rubber bullets and/or Taser.) A lot of people would say that no parent should have to experience the death of their child because the parents are supposed to leave this earth before their child.

These families have only asked for a little bit of constraints for the government. The activist want for there to be community oversight. What they mean by community oversight is the duties of the executive and legislative branches of the government, the supervision of intelligence agencies and making the police accountable for their actions. They would also like police body cameras. This is pretty self-explanatory; basically they want police officers to wear body cameras so if an incident happens they can go from the footage and I know we have some type of police cameras but we need them to be a little more precise not as blurry as the other ones. They also want demoralization which means to reduce on the nations armed and/or military vehicles to and minimum. They may try to bribe the families with a money but the money doesn’t change the fact that they lost someone they loved dearly.

Mr. President was your daughter or son? How would you feel? What would you? STAND UP AND MAKE A CHANGE.    

Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts

Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts

A comprehensive high school, with an arts magnet program, serving 1500 students in Dundalk, Baltimore County, MD.

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