Elley O. Michigan

Black Lives Matter - Police Brutality

This issue of police brutality is huge issue in the U.S that needs to be address and take a stand. But also black lives matter is a serious issue with not being treated just like any other person by police,people and even the state.

Dear Future President,

      There are so many problems going on in the U.S but specifically two issues really bug me and Its Police Brutality and Black Lives Matter. This important because the police are more likely black people that are unarmed by 3.49 times compared to a white person who is unarmed, on the average. Which where the "Black Lives Matter" comes into play because we are intentionally left powerless at the hands of the state when it comes to state violence.

      Many incidents have occurred in the U.S with Police Brutality and how it affected the “Black Lives Matter” movement. A couple of examples of the incidents are a women got shot for trying to get help from police, and a kid shot for playing plastic gun and another kid shot for wearing a hoodie and another shot for selling cds as his own proffett and also another man was shot for selling cigarettes as his own proffett as well. As a reminder these were unarmed black people killed by police or police watch.

     Police brutality has always issue but since 2012 it just started spiraling out of control and more of this was pointed to more of one race and that was the blacks ever since Trayvon Martin was shot by a police watch and from this year as of 2016, “there has been 708 documented deaths in police shootings but 173 were African Americans” according to ibtimes.com. 

     The effects of this is that the Police automatically think that the African Americans are going to shoot the police officers which lead them to be brutal or shoot them under pressure or nervousness, which leads the “Black Lives Matter” community to have the rights to step up and say how they are left powerless to the state and should not be looked upon it because we say “Black Lives Matter” when we are technically fighting for our lives in America.

      We need help from you because we are doing all we can to get awareness but as for you its being put in your hands to help us feel more secure and safe with the law forces in the United States.


Elley Owens





Northview High School

4th Hour

Mrs. Pitt's 4th hour 9th grade English students.

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