Meghana R. Wisconsin

Legalize Abortion?

Keeping abortion legal is a pressing issue in the U.S. This letter argues the side to keep abortion legal in the U.S.

       I believe that women should be able to have access to a safe, legal abortion when the baby is still only a few weeks old. Restricting the option of abortion to women takes away a right for women. The future president should keep abortion legal, while implementing rules and guidelines for abortion.

      One reason I believe that abortion should kept legal is that many women may be unfit to take care of another human being. These days, teen pregnancies are more common than they should be. Their bodies may not be able to handle a pregnancy which could harm her and the baby. Abortions should also be legal for women that are also victims of rape. According to, 1 in 5 women are a victim of rape and often times are too young to have a child or don’t want to bring a child into the world that way. In other circumstances, having the baby could harm the mother or cause future complications to the child which would cause pain to both the mother and her child.

     Another reason to keep abortion legal is to make women feel like they have a choice. If they don’t have a choice, they might have to resort to other options like an illegal abortion. According to, “Worldwide 10-20 million illegal abortions are performed each year.” But, yet illegal abortions can harm women and is not safe. Women may also try different ways to try to terminate their pregnancy which may result in harming themselves and their chance for ever having a family.

    Finally, women should have a right to choose what they want to do with their body. If a women feels that she can not provide for a child, a child should not be brought up in an unloved environment. Some may argue that the baby could be put through adoption and find a loving family. However, the adoption system is tough and many homes could not be a right fit for a child. Also, if the women has no support, she may not be able to support her child financially and emotionally.

    In conclusion, Many women should have the option of choosing what they feel is right for themselves. If a woman is younger she may not be able to support the baby and have to have an abortion. The option of abortion would also be extremely helpful for victims of rape and many others who may feel trapped. 

Sincerely, Meghana R.