Ezoza E. Georgia

Religious intolerance

We need a president that shows tolerant views, or even positive, towards all types of religions. Specifically, Islam.

Religious intolerance

Dear Future President,

Now-days, all over the internet you see stereotypes and racist statements about incorrect views on Islam. Because terrorism, Muslims have been judged and feared for the most idiotic reason. Innocent people should not be told that they cannot enter the “melting pot of cultures.” Or even be told that they are terrorists for wearing hijabs, or any other form of head coverage. This happens when a higher figure, such as anyone in the government, claims rude and wrong facts about a peaceful religion, such as Islam. This ends up creating religious intolerance. It could stop if a president who showed tolerant views towards different religions, or in this case Islam, got elected. Freedom of religion is allowed here, but to what extent?

You may be ignorant and stubborn to see this happening in the country you will have to help now, but this is very common. Apart from many Muslim kids in school agreeing on this, there are many articles to prove this. According to thedailybeast.com, it states “The number one victim of Isis is Muslims.” This shows that even when people of the Islamic communities are victims, Muslims in America are still targeted.

Keeping that in mind, not only are we judged upon, but our religion is also. Because of Terrorist groups, disordered views on the Islamic religion are huge. To make it clear, Isis and any group connected terrorism are not following the Islamic religion because they have done many things that the Quran clearly said not to. But if you think that I’m making this up, issues.abc.com says, “Tensions have increased dramatically with the rise of terrorist acts inspired by distorted views of the Islamic faith.” This shows that most stereotypical statements based off of acts such as this, are wrong.

In conclusion, the citizens are impressionable by the views of the president. So, if you were to be tolerant with all religions, or lack of, certain faith denominations would face less harassment by members of their community and across the United States. Religious Intolerance could stop by something as simple as this.


Ezoza E.