Kaylee D. California

Racial Enequality

My letter is about racial inequality, how and why the black lives matter movement started.

Dear Future President,

Racial inequality is a very big deal going on everywhere. It is not acceptable in any way. I believe we need far more better trained law enforcement. We need police officers who will not just kill someone because of the color of their skin. We need police officers who will not just kill someone because they feel that someone is dangerous, because for all we know that person may be innocent. I think that we have many police out there who are not fit for the job.

Black lives matter was started by one facebook post, that must of touched a lot of people's hearts. That facebook post made many people realize the big picture, that many families are suffering because from deaths of a loved ones. “Black lives matter”, it’s not because others don’t matter, it’s simply because we should be worthy of existing without fear.

Since they are harming black people, the offenders often gets away with their crime with no cost at all. It must be dreadful for families to hear that their innocent loved one just got killed but the criminal is getting away with it.

In the year of 2015, one in three unarmed black people were killed by officers. We should simply only place the best well trained officers to handle these kind of situations, the officers who are more experienced and know how to handle these conditions. My thoughts are we train the police better on how to handle this.


Kaylee Davis

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