Odibel R. North Carolina

college cost

college is way too expensive for the average family

  Dear Future President,

I am pretty sure that you are aware by now that college is way too expensive.This issue affects a lot of people trying to learn and get a carer but don't have enough money to afford it and have to give up their dreams to have a certain career just because the problem of money ,Lowering down the price of going to college might make a big change because there would be way more opportunities for students to learn and much more dreams becoming true to get a career.

The estimated COA for public colleges and universities can be $10,000-$30,000 per year ,even though there is scholarships people can apply but it would still be expensive Scholarships save money for the ones who are lucky enough to receive them, and not everyone is. I know that you have to deal with a lot of things but making this change will be for our future because college students are our future.and we need for them to care for our country so we should worry about them now and help them fill there dreams and become whatever they want to be.

The point i'm trying to make and tell you is to make college tuition cheaper and less expensive because these college students are just starting and learn how there rest of their lives are gonna be and their carers, and should not face this kinds of situation already to be worrying about paying and not even learning ,but some don't even have the opportunity to be there ,but if you try your best in trying to make college less expensive much more students are gonna be able to make there dreams come true and go to college.



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