cristina California

Hillary or Trump?

Abortion? Yes or no?

Dear Future President,

Hello my name is Cristina, a high school student. I’m a democrat at heart who wants change. In my opinion I don’t believe that either candidate is ready to be President. One reason is because Hillary, your leaked emails are making everyone wonder what you’re hiding. But then Trump, you make me wonder with all the allegations going on with you and raping women if you really are reasonable or have a conscience. I understand that the both of these are indeed, allegations but it does make people wonder what you both are doing behind closed doors. 

 watched the 3rd and final presidential debate, and realized you both brought up abortion. What I would say is that abortion should be legal. I understand that Trump, you are pro life but Hillary is pro choice. I would agree with Hillary because the government shouldn’t be involved in women's rights in having a kid, which will make a big controversy with the Roe vs. Wade decision. Also when you, Donald Trump said “ You’re ripping the baby out of the mother's womb," it sounds ridiculous. Some mothers have been raped and some people have their lives at risk while having that child. I understand Trump, you are orthodox in this situation but what if your daughter was raped? Would you still want her to carry that kid? It’s an orthodox law isn’t it? I understand that sometimes being an orthodox is under “ God “ but sometimes you have to make a choice even if it isn’t under “ God's “ rule. Having a child is indeed a blessing but if it puts you at risk, life or death makes you wonder if you want to keep the baby or not. Being an orthodox or religious conservative isn’t bad at all but it just makes me wonder if the churches are overly critical. Life can be based on differing views. So I think it all comes down to the voters and their own opinions in this presidential election.