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Global Warming

Global warming is the most pressing issue we face today as a global community yet we focus more on our selves than all of us a whole.

Dear Future President,

My name is Jade Grisby, I am 17 years old and a senior at Berkeley High School. I personally believe that the most important thing that us as a human race need to face is global warming. I believe this because we are constantly being affected by our environment and how it is changing. Global warming is not a hoax. Just because it is called Global warming does not mean that it warms the earth. In some parts of the world it cools the area while in other parts it warms it. Global warming is caused by the amount of green house gases and fossil fuels we use in our everyday lives. In america we have the biggest ecological footprint because we use and consume so much more than we need to. We do not allow trees or our live stock enough time to replenish itself because our supply and demand is so high. By not allowing things to naturally reset themselves we throw off the ecological balance. 

Global warming should be the most important issue that needs to be solved. It needs to be above the economy or social classes or education because we only have one earth and if we do not take care of it then nothing else matters. Global warming always needs to be addressed to the community because if people do not see things constantly then they forget they exist. We all share this planet so it is critical that we learn and know how to treat it right before we use up all of it's natural resources. Just by turning off a light in a room or unplugging something when your not using it saves energy. If people went solar then we could get our electricity from a non stop source of energy, the sun. The sun is an amazing way to get a constant flow of energy to power cars and lights and so much more. But if we do not take action soon and seriously address this problem then we wont have an earth to worry about anymore because it will all be turned into barren rock and polluted water. Please help save our earth and the people that call it home.


Jade Grisby