Alexia California

Gun Control in the USA

This is my letter on the issue of violence in our country.

November 8, 2016

Dear President of the United States,

My name is Alexia V. and I worry about my country. I try every day not to give up, to look on the bright side of things that aren’t going my way, but the thought of people dying daily mom-s, dad-s, son-s, daughter-s losing their lives to gun control makes this difficult to do. Being president is a big responsibility and we are here to support you through the whole way.

I understand that people don’t support gun control because they feel the need to protect themselves, but we need to understand that people will still be able to own their guns if the background checks were more would just mean that people can’t so easily obtain a gun. If background checks are more strict, this would give the “bad people” the idea that getting guns isn’t so easy. If we know that people who own guns can be responsible with them by doing more comprehensive background checks, then we can feel more secure and safe about the people who own them.

Doing this can be challenging, but if it saves lives- even if it saves only one life- it will pay off. Better gun control will save lives, reduce domestic violence, and result in less mass shootings(Daniel D. polsby, “gun control around the world.” If we take action on gun control and gun-related violence by restricting the use of automatic weapons, making sure the people who obtain guns can, and reduce the number of deaths and sorrow. These changes or actions will not only save lives but families will be able to go out places without having the fear that someone can take out a gun and shoot up the place, we will be able to send our children to school without having a doubt there will be a shooting. People shouldn’t have to live in fear, if these actions are taken no one will have to feel that way again. The crime rate is high in cities that have only a few gun control laws(Saul Cornell, “should more gun control laws be enacted?”

Everyday people are gunned down, people’s family members suffer from the tragic losses of their loved ones. My family for example have felt that pain, my uncle was a victim to gun control. In TY my uncle was shot in the chest five times and barely survived, the doctor’s said they were amazed at how he was still alive when his stomach acids were eating up his organs from the inside. The man who did this was a bad man, and no family should ever go through that in their lives.

A course of action should be made because families are suffering from this chaos, people are losing their lives to guns and if someone can just lay back and do nothing they shouldn’t be sitting in the big chair calling the shots. Gun control is one of the biggest issues today because it is the cause of more deaths than most of the issues. Thank you for listening to my suggestions, may god bless you and America.


Alexia V.