Izzy S. Illinois

Child Hunger

Child hunger is a big issue in our own country and it needs to come to an end.

Dear Next President,

Consider your life and compare it to other kids lives in our country.  Think about this very carefully, imagine you’re in a different part of our country you’re poor, starving, and homeless. You have nothing at all. This is really happening in our world but we don’t even see it because we’re so caught up in our own little world that we don’t realize how bad this is. They don’t have a nice home cooked meal waiting for them when they walk in the door after a long day of hard work or school. I believe that child hunger or just hunger itself needs to stop now.

They are going through really tough times. We have food that we can grab whenever we want but they don’t have that pleasure. We can help by, lowering taxes on food and drinks, provide more jobs, and offer more housing with very little rent for them to pay. At least until they build themselves back up. With no food or money, children are loosing nutrition so they can’t grow anymore. Some have to even steal food just to stay alive. This is not good at all because kids might get caught and taken to jail just because they want to live. Their parents teach them to do so which is not right. While we have many things to choose from whenever we’re hungry they can’t because they have nothing.

When you were in preschool you got three meals a day and snacks in-between. They only get maybe if they’re lucky a piece of bread or a potato. They have to scavenge their food in allies or dumpsters/trash cans. They’re just suffering through life and not enjoying the good things. If you have a free day or want to make a change in your community go volunteer at a shelter, food pantry, or a soup kitchen. And create other ways to feed people. I hope you read this and take this into consideration.


Izzy S.