Kimberly B. Pennsylvania

Uphold To Standard

This letter is addressing the issues concerning the negative stereotypes and other mistreatment by which immigrants face upon entering the country. Despite, the seemingly welcoming advantages our country advertises.

Dear President,

For centuries, immigrants have come to the United States in vast numbers from all different race, background, and country. They have come, according to much historical research and definition to “escape from political, social, and economical persecution.” They have come to seek a better lifestyle for themselves, and their families. They have come expecting better jobs and relief from the disease, poverty, and death that envelope their countries. The United States has been one of the main safe havens for both refugees and immigrants alike. This being, because of the constant advertisement of freedom and opportunity we communicate to them. Because of this, upon coming to our country, the are expectant of these things. It is important that we uphold to standards we advertise: A land where jobs are unlimited, freedom is promised and opportunity is guaranteed. When immigrants come, they not only come with an agenda, but a working mind. They are looking for jobs, where they will be put to use and are looking to grow in the opportunities that we offer and in anything that will not only improve their lives but will help them to make ends meet. This mindset automatically sets them apart, causing for them to take many jobs that Americans have shunned, and causes them to accept jobs despite low pay and poor condition. However, we continue to allow them to settle for less, and give them the least of the least. We continue to allow negative stereotypes, to surround and dictate our opinions concerning many of them who have done nothing wrong. We blur their label of innocency, because of the things we hear and media we take in. Just as we did, in the 1920’s, through many acts such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, and even the Mexican Repatriation Movement. Both the Chinese and the Mexicans were doing just as many immigrants are today. They were taking up jobs and proving themselves, to be hard workers and capable of strong work ethic. They were boosting our economies, and were helping to “fuel the boom in our manufacturing markets”, they were filling up jobs spots that many owners had help open in spite of constant rejection. They were doing their part, living up to their welcome, However, we weren’t doing ours. We mistreated many of them, put them in uncomfortable environments, denied them of much pay, and even caused for many of them to fight against each other, because of the desire for competition and the negative labels that surrounded their work ethic. This not only poisoned the reputation by which we had drawn them by, but had caused them to speak out in dismay and curiosity as to why the land that promised so much had given them so little.

This is why, it is vital that we treat our immigrants as welcomed citizens, once they are admitted. If we don’t, we are treating them just as we did in the 1920’s, unkind and as if they have no value. We are being no better than the countries by which they have fled. It is important that we treat them with respect and grant them the opportunity and give back what they give to us. Immigrants are responsible for much of the success of businesses and manufacturing markets that our country is thriving on today. Immigrants add to our society, our jobs, and even the economy in which our country is stably operating on. By welcoming them into the country, we are giving them a chance to prove their ability and better our country. We must not allow for negative stereotypes from media and other propaganda to control our outlook on them. We must welcome and satisfy, not welcome and mistreat. By doing this, we are not only allowing for them to see how great a country we are, but we are upholding to a statement made in our own Declaration of Independence which states “Every man deserves the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”



Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

Science Leadership Academy @ Center City

We are high school students from Philadelphia! We've been studying immigration in U.S. history so many of our letters include our opinions on this issue.

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