Aubriona K. Michigan

Letter To The President,

Do you want to stop immigration? If so, then I have a few solutions you may like. So if you want to hear them than you should keep reading this letter.

I think you should build a wall to keep more immigrants from coming in and make sure they stay out. Also make sure that Mexico pays for half the wall and we pay for the rest since it is on the U.S. Mexican border and all. Furthermore, this will help a lot because it will keep immigration numbers down.

You could also put more guards out. Putting them at least a block apart and make sure there is more than one person working at that spot. Make a list of people there and have three different shifts and everyone gets breaks one gone at a time.

When you build the wall, it will impact us greatly because only the people in the army and people that have children over the age of 2 that were born here can stay. We will deport the rest of the immigrants out of America where they will stay. The only way they can come back is if they have a card or they were born here.

We have over 20,000 guards and putting at least 2,000 more guards out will help us because more people will have jobs. Also, it will greatly keep a lot more immigrants out of America causing our numbers to really drop. We will have guards everywhere and deporting people everyday to find these immigrants. If they fight back, do not kill them. Tell them to get a card to be here within the next few days. If they get it, they have a right to stay. If not they have to go until they get one.

Therefore, that was my proposal and how it would impact America. I hope you use this and it works. Use it correctly. Don’t cause any terrible violence unless they act first. Thank you for your time and effort to make America great again and that you have a wonderful time in office.


Aubriona Kiser

Ithaca Junior High School

8th Grade Social Studies - 5th Hour

This group is for 8th Grade Social Studies students at Ithaca Junior High, specifically 5th Hour.

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