McKenna L. Michigan

Letter To The President

Dear Mr./Mrs. President....

Letter To The President

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Many people want big dramatic changes with this election and new presidency. My view, is that there does not need to be big changes. Some of the things that I see should stay the same are taxation and disposable income, college tuition expenses and how safe I feel day to day.

Firstly, a big part of my daily life has been the amount of disposable income my family has due to our load of taxes. Both of my parents work extremely hard at their jobs and bring in a steady income. This steady income allows my family to do lots of nice things such as go out for dinner, go on family trips a few times a year and donate to places like our church. There are many families that can not do the things I am fortunate enough to do. The country is 19.73 trillion dollars in debt and the reason for that is because the government isn’t budgeting correctly and ends up spending more than what is able to be spent. To pay back the extra money the government spends, we have to borrow money from other countries that we can’t pay back and then we go even further into debt. Then, the Americans pay more taxes to pay off the government’s bad spending. According to the Census Bureau about 15 percent of the U.S. population, currently live below the poverty line. This means they are making less than the minimum level of income that is needed to secure the necessities of life. There is definately something wrong there and by raising taxes we will just fall further into this hole.

Secondly, College tuition has been a big topic for quite a few years. Since I am currently highschool I am beginning to become more aware of the fact that I will soon be paying for my own college experience. For many students, free college sounds like a savior but what they don’t know is that “free college” isn’t actually free. Bernie Sanders had a plan that would allow free college tuition in public colleges. The students wouldn’t have to pay upfront but the tuition fee that the students would be paying will just be shifted to the taxpayers in the form of taxes. So, what the students don’t understand is that once they get out of a free college, they have to pay for a new wave of college students with their hard earned money. From the time college started to become a goal for me, I was told from my parents that there was money set aside for me but if that's not enough I have to pay for the rest of my college. The idea of paying myself has been in my mind so i’ve started to think about how I can work my way to college. I feel like by paying for college after college, with your taxes, will just lead to more complaining. College is a temporary thing. For most people, college is only a four year experience and, by offering free college, students go from paying for college upfront, for their four years to paying for others to go with their taxes for the rest of their lives.

Finally, the biggest thing that I don't want to change is my unwavering safety. I feel very safe in my home, neighborhood and community and I would love to keep it that way. I was born in late 2000 so I don’t remember exactly what happened in real time on September 11th 2001. I just heard stories from my parents and in school of the terrible things that happened that day. Then, in April of 2013 I heard of the horrible bombing of the boston marathon. Now, while neither of those things affected me dramatically on a personal level, they no doubt affected the country. We are in a fight against terrorism and are not as safe as we should be.. I feel like we should have stricter borders to control who comes into our country and who we must turn away to help with this problem. Stricter background checks before we give citizenship to a person is needed to ensure our country's security.

In conclusion, by not drastically raising taxes, keeping college tuition and working on our borders and immigrant policies, we will keep our country in the good shape it is in today.