Elliott P. Washington

Homelessness in America

Homelessness in America

Dear Future President,

Everyone in America deserves the same chance to succeed in life as one and other, but sadly families in poverty and or homeless have a far less chance of doing so rather than a middle/upper class family. Hundreds of families struggle to keep warm at night and parents fight and beg their way to be able to put food on their children’s plates every day. This has become a huge problem in the U.S as many people want to make a difference and believe every family should have a warm and safe place to stay at night, but we still struggle with the 600,000 people both children and adults that don’t feel safe or secure when they go home at night, and that home that they go back to can vary from a park bench to a mattress under the freeway because to those families that is the only place they can call home.

Many Americans when they become homeless they will not have a fair chance to get back up on their feet, because of the horrible sequence that have led them to the position they find themselves in to that day. Many Americans struggle with low minimum wage, divorce, natural disasters, and mental illness, but for some reason the United States has created a system in where they have set those people up for failure, and that’s what needs to change. People that work 10-12 hours a day and make minimum wage which is $15.25 an hour in America still fall short of making living wage which is $19.80, therefore hard working Americans that work long shifts at a minimum wage job still don’t make enough money to afford the necessities in their life, so how do we expect a single parent to raise his or her child while working a minimum wage job? We can’t. We must give those family’s a fair shot to raise a child in comfort by raising the minimum wage salary. That brings on the argument of what should be cut to raise the minimum wage, the U.S spends 50% of its federal budget on the military, instead of the necessary such as health, housing, and jobs.

Homelessness has effected over 3.5 million Americans and 1.5 million of that group being children. Homelessness has acted like a genocide towards America every year killing over 700 people a year due to dozens of illness’s and rough violence. Inner cities in America have been forgotten leaving 3 out of 4 households not having enough income for food, medicine, transportation and most importantly, childcare. The safety for our women and children in America has become very concerning as there is sexual and physical abuse at shelters and camps, and limited use of the bathroom at shelters that has caused women to struggle with their menstrual cycle. The more our world begins to ignore the issue the more our American families will struggle. Every child, women, and man should be able to experience a childhood or life of peace in which they will not have to struggle and worry about when their next meal will be or whether they will wake up safe the next day.

As you visualize how important it is to take a step in the right direction with helping the homeless epidemic in the United States you will realize how important it is not only to yourself but everyone else in America. Many families struggle with keeping their heads above water and not falling into being homeless, but many families struggle on trying to find a way out of being homeless. So I hope you, as the President of the United States can realize that there are multiple solutions America can take to help prepare homes for the homeless in the future so that no family will have to deal with the struggles of not knowing anymore and supplying them with a better life in which every human deserves.