Alexander T. Georgia

Down On One Knee

Homeless is a huge problem; let's do something about it.

Dear Future President,

As you become the president of the United States of America you should or have already realized the homeless is becoming a bigger problem everyday. Now is the day to do something about.

Imagine being on the streets nowhere to go but to the makeshift tent that you have made out of sheet of tin and paperboard. According to the US department of Housing and urban development in any given night there is over 600,000 homeless people of those spend the night homeless shelter or short time tent for those who are less lucky which is a third live in a car or under a bridge. About a quarter of homeless people are children that are under the age of 18, and many or most of those children are abandoned which is sad because these children have no idea what can be dangerous. Even veterans that once served in our military the ones who go to war protect us and our rights even if it costs them their life the ones we should respect and help only to leave 57,000 of them in streets or in a homeless shelter. About 20 to 25 percent of homeless people have a mental illness it's kinda disappointing that we have people who have a illness are in the streets slowly dying we are doing almost nothing to help. To make matter worse 90 percent of women who have experienced being domestic violence is the main reason for homeless for women which surprisingly because these women need help and we let them escape the horrible mistreated then leave them in the streets without a care.

People think that all homeless actually lazy,alcoholics, or drug addicts.That’s not the case most of the time about a quarter of homeless actually have a job and many homeless become addicts after they become homeless that is because they feel despair and hopeless. We can easily solve this problem by making more homeless shelter and by having people who are hiring to go down interview people so they can possibly hire people to work for them. We can also those people who have be alcoholics or drug addicts so they too can get off the streets, and the children who were abandoned could be adopt or go to a foster family and can finally go to school and get a education. The veterans who are homeless could get their lives back together and for those younger veterans could get a job or if they are suffer post traumatic stress disorder or anything else to get them medical attention. Lastly you should provide them with a permanent and affordable housing.

As our future president hope that you make this your number one priority so these people can have a easier life they are depending on you.

Thank you for your time,

Alexander T.

November 4, 2016