Homelessness in America

In my letter to the Next President, I assert that teen Homelessness in America is a major problem and what can we do to make a change.

Dear Next President,

    Envision if you were outside in the heat or cold weather with nowhere to go and no food. How would you feel? You would have to beg for money or find change. What if you had kids? How would you feed them? How was would you take care of them, and tell them that your poor? I see people downtown, broad and olney, and on corners begging for food or change. Just to stay alive for another day, trying to get themselves together. There's a lot of homeless people in the nation and their not able to take care of themselves. With that being said, don’t just walk pass a homeless person and don’t care to donate money or food to them. Take a minute, stop and give them something. You never know who's watching when your doing good in life.

Homelessness is an extremely prevalent issue that will only continue to grow if we don't address it immediately. “Nearly one-quarter of all homeless people were children under the age of 18 (23 percent or 27,787).” “In January 2015, 83,170 individuals and 13,105 people in families with children were chronically homeless.” (Henry) Each year the number is just increasing and not decreasing. Why is this ok? why is there not a solution that's working to stop the homelessness yet? Yet there's not a answer to this question president. Not only is homelessness affecting America as a nation but we losing lives and support from one another. This is such an important issue in America because everyone should have the same rights as others, eating at a table, having a roof over their heads to shelter them and sleep.

Solutions that exist already is spearing change to homeless or offering something to eat. We can take the time out of our day to have a food drive once a month for homeless and a cost drive for the winter time. Have programs for homeless people to get themselves together. I want the president to supply jobs to all homeless people. Build more shelters and homes instead of fast food restaurants and new clothing stores. Make a change for once. It's only right to help homeless people because what if that was you not having a home, living on the streets begging for change ?

Sincerely, Si-Ani Dawson

Cristo Rey Philadelphia High School


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