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LGBT Parents Should Have Adoption Rights

Thousands of children are in an orphanage and are up for adoption for years and years and most heterosexual couples have there own child . In that case most children wait years to be adopted . I believe Homosexual couples are the answer to adopt kids . Most heterosexual couples don't plan on having a kid most times it's accidental and some of those kids are up for adoption . In advance homosexual couples choose to adopt a child . People say it's not good for a child to be raised in a homosexual parent household but study's show that children do just fine as they were in a heterosexual household . Also most homosexual parents are more stable in a relationship giving the child more reassurance and a secure emotional home . Children raised in homosexual households are proven to be more open minded about different lifestyles . But if having parents of the same gender is discouraging to children , it has nothing to do with the parent's gender it's everything to do with society's reaction to them . Children with LGBT parents are more proven to think outside of the societal box. gay parents have likely had to face difficulties like hate in their lives, they are most likely better able to appreciate when their child with there problems. Therefore LGBT parents can be be better open minded about accepting their child’s lifestyle choices.

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