Jerzy New York


Abortion is a spiteful solution to a fixable problem; it’s taking the life of an innocent child.

Dear next President,

Abortion is a spiteful solution to a fixable problem; it’s taking the life of an innocent child. Some people get an abortion when a child comes from rape, failed marriage, when the child is unwanted, and when giving birth is dangerous for either party (mother or child). I believe that abortion is only one of many solutions, and it really shouldn’t be an option at all. You can help save lives without spending anything. The only thing you need to give is your love and support. How would you feel if you couldn’t have the children you wanted, and someone who had that child for you to adopt decided to kill the precious child before s/he even had a chance to live in the world? Sadly resulting in making you wait years to adopt the child you so longingly desire to have. The moment of fertilization is an entirely logical point to choose as the beginning of human life. It's one of the few points that isn't arbitrary or difficult to judge, as an egg is either fertilized or not. At this point the fertilized egg has begun to develop into a separate and unique human being and contains the full genetic code of a human being.



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